I feel hopeless often

Hopelessness is probably 1 of the most prominent feelings i have in my life today. I see no solution; nobody with any answers. Politicians, preachers, motivational speakers, all try to give their spin- cuz in the long run they need us for 1 reason or another- it’s all manipulation, imo.

Our country is definitely in dire straits, yet people want to point their finger at those with mental health issues, minorities, poverty, the list goes on & on. The fault, of course, is whatever group we don’t identify with, or perhaps we are a part of but feel we’re the exception. The wheels keep going ’round and ’round with no solution, no answer in sight.

We all just hold tight to our seats & hope we don’t happen to be in the pathway of the next mass murderer. It’s so commonplace anymore, isn’t it? Yet we just go on with our day. Police shooting innocent black men wherever they may be; a black youth holding a toy gun, or an adult male sitting in a wheelchair, for goodness sakes! Hardly anybody bats an eye.

We’re asleep. As a nation, we are ASLEEP! Our #1 story on almost every newscast is an idiotic orange-faced man running for political office, and that story goes for a good 5 minutes of news. THAT’S NEWS??!!!??? What about people starving? What about homelessness? What about the mentally ill that are being untreated or under-treated? What about gun control? What about our nation’s REAL problems? Oh, that has to be saved for a 20 minute segment on the Friday night show. To be watched, tweeted about, trend on Twitter and forgotten about. Case in point.