Got home a while ago from visiting Jim in the hospital, he had surgery on Thursday & will be coming home tomorrow, thankfully 🙂 Joe came here on Thursday & just left today, I already miss him. He went to visit Jim 2 times & they talked about RC planes, things a father & son would talk about, ‘cept they’re not father & son. They’re actually much closer than Joe & Gary. Gary went to Vegas in July & about a week before Joe was very nervous cuz he was worrying about what to talk to his dad about. Since Gary was never around when my kids were growing up, he doesn’t know anything about their personalities or who they are, if we’re being honest. Joe said it’s not like he can have a casual conversation with his dad, there’s just nothing there, so it’s a building block, I suppose.

Yes, I’m gloating in the fact that Joe & Jim have so much in common, that Jim has watched Joe grow since he was 13 years old & has seen how much Joe’s matured & knows Joe’s heart, as I said earlier… like a father should. To see my son finally have the connection with someone he admires like a father is such a touching experience, Joe has always longed for this & tried to prove himself to his biological dad, Gary, forever. Gary being the self-centered son of a bitch that he is, is incapable of such love. This makes me even happier I got away from him (even 28 years later!) and met a man that is a man in every sense of the word, he is able to love & be loved unconditionally.

But tonight I’m missing everyone: Jim, Nicole and Joe. Jim is in the hospital tonight, Nicole has moved to Texas & Joe went back to Nevada today. This is the 1st time I’ve been home alone, before I had Trixi home with me & felt safe. (If you think a 200 lb. pig isn’t protection, think again) Up until last year all my close family was right here with me, including my mom & Trixi- until Aug. 22nd; we were all within 20 minutes of each other. It’s interesting how we never know what tomorrow will hold in life, that’s why every moment we are alive we should let those closest know we love them; this is one thing I can say with certainty that I’ve done right.