Trixi update

Tuesday, July 29th, we had a vet come here to remove a foxtail from Trixi’s nose. They had to anesthesize her, Jim & I waited in the living room for him to take care of her. When he returned to the living room he told us it wasn’t a foxtail, it’s a large tumor & he’s almost positive it’s cancerous. He had both Jim & I feel her nostrils & on 1 side you could feel how it’s supposed to be, on the other side there is a golf ball size lump- that’s the cancer.

She’s too old for us to do surgery & even if she were younger, Jim & I have always agreed we’d do what’s in her best interest, not our selfishness. We’ve seen people go to such drastic measures for their pets, yet the pet looks like it’s hanging on by 1 hair. IMO, the person is doing it for themselves, not the pet. Anyways, surgery is not an option.

We’re going to take care of Trixi as we have for 12 years, we’ll love & spoil her as much as possible! I’m trying to stay in the moment with her & not ruminate about what will someday be. As long as we have her here with us, there is no need to grieve.

We both cried yesterday & I’m sure there will be more days like that. Our lives are forever evolving & unfortunately, death is a part of the life cycle. I’m trying this Buddhist belief & accepting what is. Anyways, that’s all for now